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MagazinePlus is the primary index of Japanese periodical literature. The index covers over 8,500 journals and 5,000 chapters of books published in Japan. Publications indexed in MagazinePlus range from university bulletins and professional journals to popular magazines and regionally published materials. All subject fields are covered: humanities and social sciences, technology, science, and medicine. The index includes the following index databases: Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (1975-) Kinen Ronbunshu (1945-1992) Ippan Ronbunshu (1945-1992) Ippanshi, Sogoshi, bijinesushi (1981-) Sympojumu Koenshu (1945-1992) Gakkai Nenpo, Kenkyu Hokoku (1945-1995) SEARCH TIPS: 1) Search can be made on keywords, titles, authors/editors, journal name, publisher, ISSN. 2) Terms can be entered in kanji, hiragana, katakana, roman letters and numerals.
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